My first textile exhibition

Published November 15, 2017

Throughout 2017, I found myself with less time to paint as we were running a full time Bed and Breakfast business from our home.

I developed a fascination with dyeing and began to experiment with shibori – the ancient Japanese art of folding, pleating, twisting and even stitching fabric, prior to immersion in dye.  I haven’t tried the stitching yet, but have been experimenting with lots of different ways of folding and tying.

In the evenings, my creative outlet was spinning yarn and crochet.


These scarves and shawls were on display at the Harbour Cottage Gallery Christmas Fayre from 5th – 16th December 2017.  After that, check the shop to see what is available.


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Hi, I'm Glenda

artist & web designer

I live by the sea in southern Scotland and paint contemporary artwork for people who love a splash of colour on their walls.

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